Hand drum rhythms on African percussion instruments are one of the musical activities traditionally enjoyed by students at Clifton Creek. Drumming has many positive benefits and is renowned for its ability to enhance academic, social and emotional development.  It also improves concentration, persistence, discipline and endurance.

Senior students participate in music lessons where they are learning to play an instrument of their own.



This is a Mobile Area Resource Centre, and is partially funded by the Department and through School Fees.      Mrs Severs, a trained Teacher Librarian, drives and runs the van. The children are instructed in library and literature on a fortnightly basis. The Marc Van box is placed in the office for the return of Marc Van books during the fortnight. Students are expected to transport their books in a protective bag.



In 2010 we were granted funding to enable extensions to our gardens and kitchen for the operation of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program. Each student in Grades 3 to 6 spends time every week  learning about growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing fresh seasonal produce.  With Jill in the garden and John in the kitchen, students are busily engaged in plenty of hands-on learning tasks and then the whole school samples an impressive range of delicious dishes for lunch.



Teachers put in place a mates system for students where students from senior grades are linked with younger pupils, generally for the school year. Each term there are a number of Mates Days where big mates organise and create a fun and educational session for their little mate. Throughout the year big mates will also “look out” for their little mate and help them through their challenges.  The older children have a real sense of responsibility and affection for their young charges that adds to the sense of community felt at school on a daily basis.



Since 2008 our school has been working towards being a waste-wise RESOURCESMART school.  Recycling is becoming a way of life here at CCPS and we are striving to look at many areas in our school where we can all reduce, recycle and re-use. Modules in waste management, energy, water and biodiversity are all “ticked off” and we continue to practise being Resource Smart.



In Term 4 several days are set aside for “practising preps” and the Prep Steps program.  These are full days to help familiarise your child with our school.  In Term 1 preps are exempt from attending school on each Wednesday; this enables the children to have some rest time at home.



Local secondary schools conduct a series of visits, orientation days, open nights and transitions days to allow the smooth change for grade six students from our little school to the much larger schools further afield. Also our Mitchell Cluster organises a special grade six function to celebrate graduation and also foster connections between students.



The grade 6 children are encouraged to participate in the Rotary Junior Citizenship Awards each year.  This is an intensive program with a number of physical, cultural, and community challenges written up in a diary format.  Children from many local schools are presented with a certificate at a presentation ceremony at the end of the year.



Clifton Creek belongs to a group of rural primary schools known as the Mitchell River Cluster. The other schools are: – Nicholson PS, Lindenow South PS, Bairnsdale Christian School and Steiner School. Our Athletics, Cross Country, Sports, Group Days and Year 6 Transition programs are usually held with the Cluster Schools.

Group days extend the programs offered at school and are held on a semi-regular basis in a variety of locations with other schools in the Cluster.



Each year the whole school participates in a series of ten sessions of swimming lessons over the course of five weeks.