The little school that makes a BIG difference

Art in the Junior Class

Art in the Junior Class

Deklyn – “We have been doing Ton Schulten art and it’s like drawing boxes and shapes, and you do light and normal and dark paint.
Let's take the next steps

Let’s take the next steps

Reconciliation Ceremonies Today we headed into Bairnsdale West Primary School to be a part of their Reconciliation Ceremony. We listened to stories told by the children and staff and an interesting talk given by Martin Flanagan. Back at CCPS we all took part in our own Reconciliation Ceremony this afternoon....
Our school is ...

Our school is …

….UNIQUE. Phone  5157 9251  for an appointment to visit us and see education in action at Clifton Creek Primary School.  
Celebrating Mothers' Day

Celebrating Mothers’ Day

ANOTHER PAMPER SESSION FOR THE MUMS, NANS AND SPECIAL FEMALE FRIENDS Clifton Creek Primary School held their annual “Mums, Grans and Special Female Friends Dinner” on Thursday night. Students and staff had been busy preparing for the occasion that has become a favourite ‘Creek’ ritual. Guests were guided along the...
A school well resourced with ...

A school well resourced with …

Spacious modern classrooms. Excellent teacher : student ratios. Computers, netbooks and iPads. Separate Library. Kitchen workstations set up to  Stephanie Alexander specifications.      
Room to run and play

Room to run and play

We have wide open spaces for games and outdoor activities.
Settling into 2017

Settling into 2017

Lots of holiday stories, excitement, surprises and catching up friendships have started our year as students happily settle into the routines of school life at Clifton Creek Primary School.
Dunking for Dominoes

Dunking for Dominoes

Keeping cool and motivated by numbers today in the extreme heat was easy for P-2 students as they “dunked for dominoes”.  
Our very own bus

Our very own bus

We are happy to report that our “new”  school bus is doing its rounds very nicely, equipped with individual seat belts for all  and driven by licensed teaching staff from Clifton Creek Primary School.
A school where ...

A school where …

Learning is meaningful and based on relevance and children’s interests. All communication is honest, open, sharing and constant. Relationships between students, staff and families are supportive and close. Everyone is treated with respect. Achievements are celebrated and students are allowed to “let their light shine”.

Welcome to our website, have a browse and enjoy gaining an insight into how we achieve successful learning outcomes for students at Clifton Creek Primary School.

I have a long history with this school. My teaching career began at Clifton Creek, when I was a very ‘green’ but confident graduate who thought I knew it all! After experience working in other local schools and time off for family leave I eventually returned to CCPS and have been here ever since, firstly as a teacher and now as school principal.

Over the years I have seen many children and families through the gate, changes in enrolment numbers and improvements to physical infrastructure, however what remains true are our core values that drive our day to day thinking, teaching and learning.

We have a strong culture with the underlying ideals of One In, All In, Kids First and Valuing Differences as driving forces behind all of our thinking and planning. We regard our “Unique” tag as highly desirable.

Our small country school setting provides an educational environment where children can be themselves and develop as successful and confident learners.

We invite you to phone us, arrange to visit and see education in action at Clifton Creek.

Carol Kennedy

Proud Principal of Clifton Creek Primary School.carol better one for website  cpd