Planning is well underway for rebuilding Clifton Creek Primary School and last week the process of Community Engagement was launched at a meeting in the newly installed relocatable school buildings. The workshop opened with a warm welcome,  Acknowledgement of Country then the business of the evening proceeded with a hands on workshop answering four basic questions.

Discussion covered places and spaces at the old school most valued, visions for a new school,  other aspects the school architects should consider, and additional community roles that the new facility could perform.

The positive meeting of staff, families, Education Department  and Victorian School Building Authority personnel was brimming full of enthusiasm and great ideas for consideration. We look forward to seeing our ideas reflected in the design of our new school.

For now we encourage the whole Clifton Creek community and beyond to get involved through the online survey. The consultation period will run until Wednesday 25 March. To have their say, community members can visit: