Photo Courtesy of Alex Coppel- Herald Sun

Clifton Creek Primary: The international effort to rebuild an ‘idyllic’ place of learning

The early hours of December 31 2019 saw staff and families of our little school checking in with each other to make sure we were all safe after the inferno made its way through our district as part of the widespread bushfires that effected much of East Gippsland and indeed Australia over a period of months.  Yes – everyone was safe, but all with a different story of how the fires had impacted personally.  Sadly our school was one of several buildings in Clifton Creek ravaged by the flames that night……

Reaction from near and far has been overwhelmingly positive and now two months along from the fire the education of our students continues at a very welcoming “CCPS@NicholsonPS”, the site clean up has been progressing well and we are closer to relocating back to our temporary school facilities.

The Victorian Government has committed to rebuilding our school, and our local community will be part of this progress.

There has been a whirlwind of support by amazingly generous people, organisations and schools sending letters, cards and cheques. There have been trailer loads of donated goods ranging from books, basketballs and barbie dolls to pens, paper, chook feed, care packs and a piano! We have been interviewed, entertained and accommodated … our story has even reached across the globe to many other countries.

“Though these past few months have been incredibly difficult for us all, I’m so very proud of the strength our community has shown. We need to draw on this strength, and our wonderful community spirit, as our recovery progresses,” Sue commented.