Excited kids fell out of the car at Dinner Plain, and thank goodness there was enough snow for a good ski. Yes, we did have the occasional melt down at falling down, however it has been a great learning curve and resilience builder. The 2 best quotes would be, “Making it down that big hill has made me realise I can conquer just about anything” (Ahnali) and “This is paradise, I want to live here in the snow forever!” (Annika). So, despite tears of frustration, they were able to persevere and realise what they can achieve with determination. Day 2 has shown even greater improvement with a long ski up the trails from JB plain to see views across to Mt Feathertop. The boys skied from JB plain to Dinner Plain, a fabulous effort. Tomorrow (Wednesday) we plan to ski up to JB plain and back to Dinner Plain for lunch. Fingers crossed!