Clifton Creek Kids Hit the Slopes

We have had  an amazing adventure – great snow, blue skies and sunshine – we couldn’t be luckier, and I couldn’t be prouder of our little group of skiers! They have shown great resilience and endurance. Yesterday we skied from Dinner Plain to JB Plain to see the old cattlemen’s hut and back with a total distance of almost 3km, an amazing effort on just their second day on skis. Cooper has fallen in love with the sport – we almost had to pull the skis off his feet yesterday and he was the last one to finally surrender his skis to exhaustion today. They have all done an amazing job.

Today we were hoping to tackle building a shelter and enjoy lots of snow play, before heading back to Bairnsdale ; we’ll see whether the weather conditions allow for our planned activities. Stay tuned next newsletter for some exciting reporting from our intrepid adventurers!