Howitt Park Market Day and Firewood Raffle

Clifton Creek Primary School had a great day on Sunday 24th June at the Howitt Park market, despite the chilly temperatures! With an enthusiastic band of parents and staff, our little school was able to not only able to set up an eye-catching stall complete with herbs, citrus, seeds and giant pumpkins grown by the students, but also provide two entertaining performances for the crowds gathered in the market whilst finalising the Firewood raffle.

The winning ticket in the firewood raffle was drawn by market official Sally and delivered at the end of the market to a very pleased Bairnsdale resident Bev. An extra big thank you to John Kinniburgh and Mick Dillon for providing the firewood, as well as getting it to and from the market and the Lucknow Store where parents also sold tickets.

Jill worked tirelessly with the students to make beeswax cloths, package up seeds and harvest produce, AND transport it all to the market and set it up so beautifully!  John and Kat led the drumming performances with timely precision whilst         Sue harmonised with the students in a sample of their fine singing. Students Meg and Minnie had paint brushes whipping around in all directions, creating cats and rabbits, rainbows and more at the face painting stand. Younger siblings and market attendees were invited to sit for a bit and enjoy some play activities with magic sand and hot playdough. Brand new flyers for the Prep Transition program were on hand for parents still considering future education options for their pre-schoolers.

Principal Sue Paul commented, “This is yet another day that demonstrates the wonderful dedication that families and staff have to CCPS!”