There was plenty to see, do and learn last Thursday morning in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden class as students discovered a variety of wildlife had checked into the Air B&B insect hotel since  habitats were created last year. The automatic feeder was topped up with chicken grain, a treasure trove of potatoes and tomatoes were unearthed and preparing fresh juicy sweet peaches was on the jobs list in the kitchen. Thanks to Diana for her contribution of cucumbers. We also welcomed Shirley and Elden as special guests for lunch in appreciation for their care of our garden and chickens over the long hot summer holidays. As our new principal Sue commented …. “Last Thursday was my first Kitchen-Garden experience. I felt like I was in heaven on the hill! What an amazing program that is offered to our students. Jill and John are incredible in the skills and knowledge that they pass on to the students and do so with such care and passion. The end result – a scrumptious feast – was the icing on the cake of a great morning.”