Last Wednesday evening Clifton Creek Primary School celebrated their annual Kids n Blokes night. This school ritual has been a much anticipated calendar event for many years and always has full participation and lots of fun. 2017 was no exception.

The night began with an outdoor “in the dark” game of Chain Hidey where kids and their special blokes hid around the school grounds until discovered. Once found they became part of a human chain which got bigger and bigger as each group were found.

We all then ventured indoors for the “Chocolate game” where players threw a dice looking for a six, after which they adorned some weird costumes before cutting into a block of chocolate.

We then solved a series of “Detective mysteries” watching videos and predicting the criminal using the clues.

We all enjoyed a snack of pies and sausage rolls and fresh fruit before forming a massive drumming group playing  drumming games and some group rhythms.

The evening was finished off by the “kids” presenting gifts and cards to their special blokes. Students had decorated aprons and made rum balls which were presented on the night.

Staff member Dave Smythe said,” It was great to see the students spending quality time with their special blokes doing things that they would not normally do.

It was also great to see a range of blokes- dads, uncles, grandpas, step dads, foster dads, friends and more. It was a fun night”


Year 5 student Minnie Luke said, “I enjoyed the night because I got to spend time with my bloke and see all the other blokes laughing”.


Principal Carol Kennedy said, “It was another very successful Kids n Blokes night. We welcomed kids and their blokes to a night of games, fun and laughter. It is certainly an entrenched Clifton Creek tradition.”


‘It was nice to spend some time with my pop because I haven’t spent much time with him lately’. Amber Fischer