Reconciliation Ceremonies

Today we headed into Bairnsdale West Primary School to be a part of their Reconciliation Ceremony. We listened to stories told by the children and staff and an interesting talk given by Martin Flanagan.

Back at CCPS we all took part in our own Reconciliation Ceremony this afternoon.

We were pleased to welcome parents and friends to our special event.  Charlie was the master of ceremonies and Jayden was the technical expert operating the Polycom, while Meg was on hand to play music when required. All students participated in an engaging presentation which looked at the important miletones marking significant anniversaries- 50 years since the 1967 referendum, 25 years since the Mabo decision and 9 years since the Apology.

As an educator it’s fantastic to hear conversations about our real history that will enlighten future generations. We must all take the next steps.

A big thankyou to John for his organisation of our Reconciliation Ceremony here at school today.