We are

~Fostering friendships across the whole school

~Fervent believers of; kids first, valuing differences and “one in, all in”

~Fortunate to be found amongst fields and forests

~Focussed on firm foundations in literacy and numeracy

~Family friendly

~Following the new Victorian Curriculum

And Full of en(f)usiasm for fancy fairs like this one

We facilitate learning through :   Flashcards & flip charts…     Finger painting for littlies

We are fastidious about :               Fractions & full stops…     Fiction & Non-fiction

We feature : Frogs…  Fruit trees…   A fairy corner in our famous secret garden…   Feathered friends – peacocks and chickens…    Furball guinea pigs…   Fun-filled annual mini-fete…   Friday Fang


Fruit Flummery – passionfruit OR rhubarb, garnished tastefully with a flitch of mint, a fillet of fig and maybe even a (f)berry.

Fruit Sticks – chunks of fresh sweet juicy watermelon & nashi pear threaded onto a bamboo skewer

Zucchini Fritters – beer-battered & deep-fried for the fast food fiends

Grown & prepared in the fabulous garden & kitchen at Clifton Creek Primary School.


Flying the Flag for Clifton Creek PS

Are you still considering educational options for your children?

Clifton Creek Primary School offers something unique, so don’t fiddle faddle around – just come out to see learning in action at CCPS for yourself.

Website~ http://www.cliftoncreekps.vic.edu.au

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