Values And Philosophy


At Clifton Creek Primary School we pride ourselves on our high level of inclusivity, valuing and respecting differences, our child-centred approach and uniqueness.


  • Our school activities are approached with the positive mantra “one in, all in”.
  • Inclusiveness drives “one in, all in” practices.
  • Personal well-being is never compromised.
  • Opting out is only a consequence of informed choice.
  • Have a go till you know!


Staff at Clifton Creek Primary School acknowledge that every individual is unique with his/her own set of life experiences. We recognise that children cannot be expected to learn using a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We strive to provide programs that cater for individual difference. Children are encouraged to acknowledge and celebrate differences; skills, abilities, needs, attitudes, learning styles, interests, passions and backgrounds.


  • The emotional, physical and academic well-being /development of every child is paramount.
  • All points of view and all points of need are considered in the planning and implementing of teaching and learning activities.
  • No child will miss an educational opportunity because of financial strain or personal situations.
  • Children make their own choices when possible, staff ensure options are respectful, safe and not detrimental to their educational outcomes.


Unique may be defined as being the only one of its kind and there is no doubt that education at CCPS is unique.

Outside the square: Some of our well-loved rituals such as Buddies, Mini-fete, Wishes, Concert Munchie Mondays, Kitchen-Garden and The STAR Program are stamped with CCPS creativity and approached in surprisingly fresh ways to ensure engagement of our students and real-life learning. Daily routines provide students with structure and familiar patterns but within this we are also able to embrace one of the big advantages of a small school- flexibility.

Distinctive setting: We have an expansive outdoor learning space with panoramic views across rolling farmland and bush. An enclosed yard and a rustic pavilion house our resident chooks, peacock and guinea pigs (returning soon). Exciting play equipment, , beautiful secret garden, undercover stage, water wise vegetable garden and a newly established frog bog (returning soon) provide much to occupy and enthuse children during playtime.

Our staff: A unique combination of energetic, caring, enthusiastic individuals dedicated to educating the children work at Clifton Creek school. Teachers at Clifton Creek all have a close understanding of the students and work tirelessly to make positive things happen for them.

Unique Rituals:

Munchie Mondays

is the tuckshop and Lunch Order service offered by Senior Class children. The availability is advised in the newsletter and a menu is circulated to students. Orders and payment are required by the Friday morning. One of our staff supervises and co-ordinates Munchie Mondays. As well as being a “real life” maths activities, this is also a form of fundraising by the Senior Class students, with profits going to the World Vision sponsorship of a young person in Zambia.

Tuckshop Tuesday

is the over-the-counter sales service operated by Year 5 children at play-time periodically during the school term. We encourage children to bring a small amount of money to support Tuckshop rather than including shop treats from home on these days. Again, parents will be advised on the availability of this option via the weekly newsletter.

Friday Wishes

An exciting ritual at Clifton Creek is our occasional Friday Wishes. Each Buddies pair is able to choose one ‘wish’ for the whole school to participate in over the year. Wishes in the past have included activities such as Pet Day, Anything on Wheels, Dress up Day, Whole School Sleep-over and Movie Day.

Mothers Day Dinner

Imagine, Mums, having a meal cooked for you with no dishes to worry about afterwards. Each year early in May, children show appreciation to their mums by hosting a special dinner here at school- be ready for some extra pampering, TLC and special treats from your child.

Kids & Blokes Evening

Dads and their primary school children come along to school for an evening of friendship, games and challenges. Pizzas are traditionally on the menu for this annual ritual celebrated early in September.


Our very own mini-fete in October is a great example of real-life learning as students in grades 3-6 run the whole day themselves. They select the activities and amusements, plan and prepare for the mini-fete and are responsible for operating all aspects on the day. We are proud to say our mini-fete is “run by the kids for the kids”.

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Statement of Values and School Philosophy