The saying “It will all be right on the night” certainly rang in my ears last Thursday night. Despite the mystery of the missing table cloth and present and no lights in the kitchen, everything came together beautifully. Wednesday and Thursday disappeared in a flurry of activity in preparations. It was truly heart-warming to see so many mums, aunties and grandmothers turn out in the cold to be spoilt by the kids.

Mocktails were first on the agenda followed by a scrumptious feast prepared during the Kitchen-Garden session – all served by our excited students! Everything managed to make it to the table – with only a couple of near disasters. The lovely ladies were then entertained by the “Van Clifton Creek Family Singers”, some of whom were a little stage struck. The night ended in wrapping paper flying in all directions – the plates and cards were a great hit!

I am always in awe of the amazing dedication of all the staff at Clifton Creek, so thank you to everyone that contributed to making the night a great success! A very special thank you to John I who came out on the cold night and worked in the almost dark, to make sure that the food was just right for students to serve!

Mothers’’ Day Dinner report by Meg

On Thursday night, Clifton Creek Primary School held the Mothers’ Day Dinner. It started off with some mingling as all the families arrived. The kids went in to the staffroom to get some mocktails for mums and grandmas. Once we delivered them we came into the big room. A few minutes after that we went down to the kitchen and John was waiting for us. We had prepared a meal in the morning for our mothers. After they finished their dessert we performed some songs for them. As soon as I got into the car mum asked if I know any of the recipes. I was happy to say yes!