Students and staff at Clifton Creek Primary School recently  supported the Cathy Freeman Foundation. The Stomp Out the Gap event is a fundraiser and awareness raiser to bridge the deficit gaps in health, education and lifestyle for indigenous young people across Australia.

Clifton Creek Primary conducted a “Be Well Read, in Red in Bed” fundraising day where students dressed in an assortment of weird and wonderful red clothing, brought their own relax-in-comfort items including pillows, teddies, blankets and onesies and participated in a number of reading activities. Reading in their mates pairs, a shared story read by Principal Carol Kennedy and cosy,comfortable independent reading was further warmed with hot chocolate and Kitchen Garden made soup and rolls for lunch.

It was great to see the excitement and enthusiasm for reading shown by the students. Participation in this event certainly raised awareness of this real life issue. It is also fantastic to have 100% participation by all students and staff.